Deb (debkitty) wrote,

Nuthouse in a nutshell

Short version -

I still feel sick. From last week. It was better, now it's not. Probably the stress doesn't help.

Had my cleaning at the dentist's office today. He took x-rays. The last time he did that, I bit him. Then I walked down to Daddy's office after the appointment. Daddy asked me if I bit Michael. I said yes. He asked "WHAT?" I responded, "You asked me if I bit him. I said yes." I bit Michael again today. Again, accidentally. Just the conversation about taking the x-rays almost pushed me to tears remembering last time. I actually did tear a little bit. They were running late. I got there early. My appointment was for 3:30. I took the 6:02 train out of Grand Central to the station by my Aunt's house to pick up my car and drive home.

Funeral is tomorrow. I almost threw up tonight. Possibly whatever was making me sick last week, possibly stress, who knows. Still watched 24 on tv. Wow. I'm looking forward to having enough functional brain cells to process it. I have to drive to the cemetery in New Jersey tomorrow. Should be interesting. I'm probably in no condition to drive, but I have to go. Not just for my family, but for myself.

Bed time now. Maybe I'll sleep through the night for a change. I haven't slept through the last three nights in a row. No wonder I feel like crap.

Tried to get in touch with my ex the other night to let him know Uncle Moe had died. Aunt Susan and Uncle Moe took us out to dinner once or twice while we were dating. They thought well of him. I called home, office, and cell. All disconnected. Ah well, I tried.


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