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Time - Not the only thing that is warped around here

So I recently purchased the She-Ra DVD. I remembered how much I loved it, and how much fun I had looking for Lucky (who is apparently Loo-Kee), and besides, I had a coupon for an extra 15% off any one item at Barnes and Noble.

I watched some of it over the last couple of days and discovered/remembered a few things.

First, I seem to be able to find Loo-Kee without a problem. I have watched two episodes and found him easily. Was it really that hard twenty years ago, or was I just not paying attention?

Second, I know they're just animated, but some of those male characters were NICELY built (drawn, yes, I know). It also says something about my current mental/dating state that I'm drooling a bit over a drawing. Ugh.

Third, although the writers claim they were being feminist (a strong female, fighting, a pre-cursor to Xena), and how mature Audora/She-Ra is, they also boast about her being maternal. As if that is the benchmark for a mature female. Is she a good mother. They openly acknowledge that Adam, He-Man's normal side, is a doofus, but Audora is maternal. How wonderful is that. Besides which, do you remember what they said after raising their swords and transforming to their super-hero(ine) alter-egos? He-Man proclaimed "I HAVE THE POWER!" whereas She-Ra reminded herself "I AM SHE-RA!" Now I understand that the first time she transformed, an introduction was necessary, both to the audience and to herself, but after the first couple of times, we know who she is. If she doesn't, She-Ra is even a bigger doofus than Adam. I remember now how much that bothered me then. It still does. Nonetheless, I still enjoy the show.

All in all, though, so far I would say it is money well spent, as I do enjoy watching it. Of course, I should be cleaning, but whatever.

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