Deb (debkitty) wrote,

Some days I hate being an over-achiever

I went back to the podiatrist today. He finally took x-rays. Then he showed me the not-so-pretty pictures. First, however, he showed me a picture of the worst heel spur he had ever seen. It was certainly large. Then he showed me my two x-rays. He told me and showed me that I was "giving her a run for her money." Great. Both feet. And we wonder why playing in traffic is looking more and more appealing.

So now what. Now we work on several fronts. First, I get to try a different physical therapist, one who will hopefully be able to do the iontophoresis (see my earlier post) without making my feet blister. Second, he has given me some stretches to do. Third, he is in touch with my insurance company, trying to get them to cover either splints and/or electro-shockwave therapy. Splints are things I wear that go along the back of my calf and sole of my foot and basically pull the toes upwards to stretch things. Supposedly I can sleep in them. I suspect I'll be more likely to be able to sleep standing up. I don't know much about the shockwave stuff, but we'll discuss that at my appointment next week. Yes, 4 weeks in a row. Finally, we'll re-cast my feet and we'll try new orthodics with more padding.

Here's hoping!

(If I was a horse, they would have shot me ages ago.)
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