Deb (debkitty) wrote,

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Golden tools and my progress:

Golden Slingshot (Fires three shots instead of one) - Need to shoot down 15 things with the normal slingshot. Did that a while ago.

Golden Shovel (Allows you to plant money trees) - Need to have two shovels. Bury one, then dig it up a day later. Did that ages ago.

Golden Watering Can (Waters like normal, except turns black roses gold, and gold roses never need to be watered) - Need to have a perfect environment for 16 days in a row. Got it. Then let the place go to hell. (Not quite, but I do have a bunch of stuff lying around).

Golden Fishing Rod (Increases reel in time by 5 seconds) - Must catch at least one of every fish in the game. I have two more fish left to catch, the Salmon and the King Salmon, both of which are only available in September. I have caught every other fish.

Golden Net (Twice as big as the normal net, makes bug catching easier) - Must catch at least one of every bug in the game. I have 5 more bugs left to catch (Monarch Butterfly, Migratory Locust, and Cricket, all available September through November, and Red Dragonfly and Bell Cricket both available September and October).

I'm really looking forward to next month.


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