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I went to my OB/GYN yesterday for what I thought was my 6 month checkup but was told I no longer HAVE 6 month checkups. I screwed up my lunch hour for no apparent purpose. On the plus side, they did some blood work to test for whatever they could test for that way. I'll get the results soon. I'm not really worried, because I'm always safe, but still.

Of course, the reason I made the appointment in the first place was because someone I had wanted to be with had asked me what my disease status was and how recently I had been tested, and I haven't heard from him in, well, a while, but ah well. I guess it's ok to be tested, even if there's no real need. My love/sex life is pretty stable. Quiet, but stable. OK, damn near non-existent, but stable.

The main person I was with (not a boyfriend, he's married and not in an open marriage) seems to have vanished at the moment, and I'm more than a little upset about that. He called Friday and left a message that basically said "Don't call home, the number is disconnected, don't call work because today was my last day, and don't call my cell until I call you." Great. Not like he could have mentioned when we spoke briefly the day before that Friday was going to be his last day of work. I knew they were planning on moving to another state soon, but I didn't realize now was soon. When I spoke to him a week or two earlier he said he was packing. I asked if he was moving soon, and he said he was just packing for storage.

Sometimes men really are bastards. Ah well, back to the grind of work.

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