Deb (debkitty) wrote,

Mattresses, or the Princess and the Pea...nis

OK, I need some help here from people who know what they are talking about. I need to get a new mattress. This routine of waking up with back pain has gotten OLD. I am mostly a side sleeper, sometimes on my stomach. I know to go and try out mattresses in a store and see what feels good. However, sleep is not the only thing I do on a mattress. I also, er, um, entertain. All my life I have had a mattress with springs, which has meant my partner gets a little help from the mattress bouncing me back into him (and him into me, or whatever). I have been thinking about a Temperpedic (sp?) mattress, but I don't know if the lack of springs will adversely affect my sex satisfaction. After all, their selling point is that the mattress doesn't move. Does anyone have any experience with this? If not, does anyone know anyone who has experience with this and can point that person to this entry? Thanks!

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