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Lunacon 2006

So although I detest travelling for cons, I decided to take off from work Friday and Monday and go to Lunacon this year. It was closer than I thought it would be, possibly even closer to me than when it was in New York at the Escher, er, Rye Town Hilton.

I spent Friday day accomplishing three doctors appointments and an appointment to have a keypad installed for my garage door. I got to the hotel around 5 PM. My best friend and roommate, Neil, happened to be sitting in the lobby. He had checked in already. I got a room just as requested, and one thing I didn't request but was pleased about: non-smoking, two beds, quiet floor, near the elevator. The bonus was that we were on the first floor (note: the lobby floor was lobby, below that was lower lobby). What that meant was that I could walk to my room, down to the lobby, down to the dealers' room, etc. Lots of steps - good for my health. The con suite was on the 11th floor. NOT walkable for the debkitty. The book raffle was on my floor. A little TOO walkable.

Friday night I ordered Chinese food with badgerthorazine, lordlnyc, frood, and two of badgerthorazine's friends, Nathan and Gary. I think that was all of us. I honestly don't remember. Later, Nathan and Gary left, and many backrubs were had. For all those who didn't know - I purr.

Saturday was a little sleep, book raffle, playing Gloom with Neil, hanging out with badgerthorazine, ordering pizza and chicken parmigiana (not great), then changing from a red corset top (courtesy of Frederick's of Hollywood) to a cat costume (also from Frederick's). It was fun. If you look at the icon for this post, that's one of the pictures. Ran into marcmagus during the day, and jlighton that evening. Lots of fun, and again, several scritchies in the evening. I forget which days I ran into wolfdancer, but whenever it was, it was great to see her. Unfortunately, lj user="badgerthorazine">'s leg started acting up Saturday night, leaving her stuck in bed Sunday, so I spent Sunday having brunch, going to the book raffle with my tickets and hers (we won two sculptures from the blind sculpture exhibit, no books, but Seth, who always buys a gazillion tickets and wins several lots, chose those he wanted and gave the rest of us, myself for her included, to take whatever we wanted - thanks Seth!), and visiting with her.

I briefly ran into someone I used to be friends with who stopped because he felt I was only calling when I wanted something or was bored. Or some such. I honestly didn't listen, nor did I really listen to the reasons when he gave them last time I saw him. I care, but I don't know why. I don't miss him, but I never like losing friends. Whatever.

I really don't have enough brain power to remember what else happened when, but I had fun, and I was quite pleased I took Monday off work so I could catch up on sleep.

However, there were two people I certainly missed, namely cz_unit and happypete. Sigh.

Anyway, back to Law & Order!

EDIT I also saw mneme, and Lisa, whose lj name, if any, I don't know. Sorry for missing that. I was apparently more out of it last night than I had realized.

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