Deb (debkitty) wrote,

Animal Crossing

I've been playing Animal Crossing a lot (read: I'm addicted) and I'm having a great time. I've learned a bunch of things, including that you can only get one present from Wishy the Star per night, even if you wished on a dozen stars during the course of the night. I've learned that in the winter, the best fish to use for the fishing tournament is the sea bass, as the ones that are longer are worth too damn much to give up. I've learned that different sea basses are different lengths. I've learned that building a perfect snowman is rather difficult, although not impossible. I've learned that I cannot shoot anything out of the sky with that damn slingshot. I've learned that if you send fruit to the other characters in your town, sometimes they will send back non-native fruit, although I'm not sure where they got it. I've learned that you should buy the medicine so you always have some on hand for when one of the other characters gets sick. I've learned that you can convince townspeople to stay by asking them and sending them a letter, especially if you attach a present. I've learned that Booker only tells you who is already there, not who will be coming tomorrow. I've learned that I really should get more sleep. I think that covers most of the lessons.


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