Deb (debkitty) wrote,

New Year's Nuisance

Well, I'm a bit chilly. Less than a year ago my plumber installed a brand new furnace. Less than a week ago he installed a programmable thermostat. Less than two days ago the bloody furnace started giving me problems. Apparently there is a faulty igniter (ignition?) switch. It tries to start itself, tries to fire up, then fails. It tries a few times, then locks itself out. I paged him yesterday (on a Holiday Weekend Evening - a triple whammy) and he came over. He turned it off, checked a few things, turned it back on, and it worked fine. I kept it high for the day because I was home. In general I have it set to be cooler during the weekday. At 4 PM I paged him, as promised, to let him know it was working fine. A little after 7 PM I lay down to take a nap. By the time I woke up at 8:30 it wasn't working again, either not blowing or blowing cold air. I paged him again. He called back and told me to try turning it off for a minute or two, then turning it back on. I did. Twice. No luck. He called back, and I told him. He suggested I try turning it off for about 15 minutes. I did. Guess what still doesn't work. I've paged again. He hasn't called back yet, but I'm sure he knows there's still a problem or I wouldn't have paged again. He's up to his eyeballs tonight, but I know he'll call. Now, however, I have to be awake until he can get here. I've turned the furnace off to avoid blowing cold air. Of course tomorrow is my first day with the new boss, so I have to be in better than top shape. Welcome to 2006. Oh, and, of course, I also seem to have caught a cold (actually, I probably caught it a week or two ago, but it's getting worse. Or maybe better? Certainly different.).

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