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New Year's Eve Plans

First, thanks to the people who invited me to be somewhere other than here, at home, by myself, but by myself is what I need right now. I have dealt with so many twits in the last few weeks, and my tolerance for drunks has been reduced to zero. I do not drive on New Year's, ever, and one of the last times I took the train in to the city, I was the only sober person on the train who wasn't wearing a conductor's uniform. Note that this was the train ride IN, as in, before the New Year had even started. I outgrew situations like that quite some time ago.

Instead, I am blissfully at home. I decided that I was going to enjoy tonight with good food of a few different kinds, a good DVD, and comfy new sheets and a new mattress pad. I bought one of those memory foam mattress pads. We'll see how well it works. The sheets are 340 thread count, currently being washed for a second time with Woolite, to be softened with Vanilla and Lavender scented Downy.

I woke up a bit early yesterday so I could go pick up bagels. This was the first step in my quest for the best (food, that is).

After work yesterday I drove down to NYC and started the real food trek. I parked in the Columbia area, as 2 of my 3 stops were there and I knew I'd be able to get parking. I took the subway down to 86th Street and walked up 3.5 blocks to Murray's Sturgeon Shop. At Murray's I purchased nova (lox with less salt), sturgeon, whitefish, and kippered salmon. For the non-Jews who read this post, this food as well as certain similar foods, are collectively known as "appetizing." Please note that my great-grandfather owned several appetizing stores. He would take a little shop, build it into a hugely successful store, sell it for a lot of ... gelt, and then repeat. This meant that my grandmother grew up on this stuff. She then trained my father to choose the best appetizing, who in turn trained me. Murray's fish satisfied my grandmother completely, which to me is the most succinct way of saying it is the best appetizing around. I also purchased some appetizing for my Aunt and Uncle, as well as for the Mom I adopted (Anne) and her boyfriend (Steve). More on that later.

Next I took the subway back up to Columbia. I dropped the Murray's in the car, placing my Aunt and Uncle's bagels in their bag of Murray's, and Anne and Steve's bagels in their bag. I then went to Mondel's Chocolate Store. I purchased chocolate for me including but not limited to marzipan (chocolate covered and not), almond bark and clusters, and various truffles. I also purchased a half pound of sugar free chocolate for Anne, who is diabetic.

Finally, I stopped in Milano's Gourmet Deli for a couple of turkey sandwiches. The brisket/pot roast thing looked good, so I got half a pound. It was good. Milano's was last night's dinner.

I then got in my car and left NYC. My first stop was my Aunt and Uncle's. Note that this Aunt is my grandmother's sister, so was also brought up on good appetizing. I had told them I was going to drop something off, but didn't tell them what. I took the things out of the bag, one at a time. Here are the bagels. Here is the nova. Here is some sturgeon. And here is a piece of kippered salmon. I don't remember the last time I saw my Aunt quite so happy. She offered to pay me, which I of course refused. First, she and my Uncle take me out to dinner almost every week and never let me pay a dime. Besides, I suspect my income may be a little higher than theirs is. In addition, it was my idea to get the stuff to make sure my loved ones had something yummy for New Year's.

Next stop was Anne's. She knew what was coming, but Steve didn't. Mom was almost crying with pleasure as she tossed (ok, practically threw) the chicken pot pie back into the fridge. She hadn't had appetizing in she couldn't even remember how long. She decided she couldn't wait until today to enjoy her delicious food, so she started toasting the bagels (actually, she had a bialy). I called her later so see if it had lived up to her expectations. She sounded so very pleased as she told me her kippered salmon was the best she had ever eaten, and Steve loved his chubb (whitefish).

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed their reactions. It means a lot to me to make sure my loved ones are taken care of, and I love watching their faces light up like a marquee.

As for me, my appetizing is currently room temperaturizing. Appetizing is best served around room temperature, as this way the full flavor comes out. Straight from the fridge is not the way to go. I'll make myself a nice cup of tea to go with it later, and I'll have some chocolate.

I wish everyone who reads this and their loved ones a very Happy and Healthy 2006 and beyond.

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