Deb (debkitty) wrote,

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1.~How did you meet mnemex? Games Club
2.~What would you do if you had never met nightbear? Had fewer back scritchies at Lunacon
3.~What do you honestly think of gmdraves? Very bright, very artsy. An interesting combination.
4.~Would or did bookteacher and hslayer go out? No - I suspect mangosteen would be upset.
5.~Have you ever liked syringavulgaris? Liked and like, yes. "Like," as in, in that way, no.
6.~If yesthattom died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? That I'm sure his heaven includes internet access.
7.~Would badgerthorazine and wolfdancer make a good couple? I'm not sure.
8.~Describe gaylord500 in 3 words: Friendly Asian man.
9.~Do you think jhone is hot? I haven't taken his temperature lately, but I'd guess 98.6.
10.~Would yesthattom and marcmagus make a lovely couple? Depends on your definition of lovely.
11.~What do you think of when you see hslayer? I remember his long hair and picture it flying while he drives his BMW.
12.~Tell me something humiliating about wolfdancer: No idea.
13.~Do you know any of richwillpowers's family members? No.
14.~What's debkitty's favorite color? Tough one. I'll have to ask. :)
15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is b00jum? Stealing tayfeth's answer about mangosteen - Cute enough.
16.~What would you do if cz_unit just professed their undying love for you? Be very confused.
17.~What language does bookteacher speak? Book, obviously. And mangosteen's Language of Love.
18.~Who is mangosteen going out with? See above.
19.~Is frutbat a boy or a girl? Do I have to answer this?
20.~Would kalimar and cz_unit make a good couple? Good heavens, no.
21.~Who do you think metalfatigue0 would be great with from this list? If I had the right person for metalfatigue0 as my friend, I would have set them up already.
22.~When was the last time you talked to jhone? It's been a while.
23.~What is syringavulgaris's favorite band? No clue.
24.~Does badgerthorazine have any siblings? Again, no clue.
25.~Would you ever date richwillpowers? Unfortunately, could be a little difficult to do right now.
26.~Would you ever date gaylord500? Ever is a long time.
27.~Is metalfatigue0 single? Well, he's certainly not twins.
28.~What is debkitty's last name? Oh good grief.
29.~What is kalimar's middle name? Joshua
30~What is gmdraves's fantasy? Probably similar to his reality.
31.~Where does frutbat live? Over the river (the Hudson, of course) and through the ... never mind.
32.~Would you make out with mnemex? I plead the fifth.
33.~Are nightbear and richwillpowers best friends? No.
34.~Does gaylord500 like debkitty? He's friended me, so I assume so.
35.~How did you meet kalimar? Games Club, Fall 1991, through his sister.
36.~Is jhone older than you? Nope. I don't think.
37.~Is marcmagus the sexiest person alive? Not answering this one.

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