Deb (debkitty) wrote,

International Women's Day

Because women's work is never done and is underpaid or unpaid or boring or repetitious and they're the first to get fired and what they look like is more important than what they do and if they get raped it's their fault and if they get beaten they must have provoked it and if they raise their voices they're nagging bitches and if they enjoy sex they're nymphos and if they don't they're frigid and if they love women it's because they can't get a "real" man and if they ask their doctors too many questions they're neurotic and/or pushy and if they expect childcare they're selfish and if they stand up for their rights they're aggressive and "unfeminine" and if they don't they're typical weak females and if they want to get married they're out to trap a man and if they don't they're unnatural and because they still can't get an adequate safe contraceptive but men can walk on the moon and if they can't cope or don't want a pregnancy they're made to feel guilty about abortion and…for lots of other reasons I am part of the women's liberation movement.
—author unknown, paraphrased from The Torch, 14 September 1987

Also because if a man stands up for what he thinks he is being assertive, but if a woman does, it must be PMS.

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