Deb (debkitty) wrote,

Spamalot and the Sisterhood of the Ladies Room

I was amused. It was before the show. There was a line of about 10 women. A man walked by and said "Wow." I chuckled. Man, there are only 10 people on this line. This is not "wow"-able. Now the 25 or so women who waited on line before, line going out the door, into the ladies sitting area, then out that door and into the theater, THAT was wow-able.

Later, I went again. A mother was trying to put a contact lens in her daughter's eye. Now please note that I get grossed out by this. I had trouble when I wore contacts putting my own finger into my own eye. Mom was doing this in the ladies sitting room while waiting on line for the actual ladies room. Not like she would have washed her hands or anything. Anyway, she lost the lens. She was trying to find it, and some of us tried to help. One woman suggested she should get an usher and borrow his or her flashlight. "Oh, you need a flashlight?" I asked. "No problem," and took my house keys out of my pocket, turned on the flashlight I keep attached, and handed them to her. Another woman later had some lens solution in her bag which she shared. All strangers. It was nice to see strangers helping each other. I wonder how much was due to the type of people who go see Spamalot and how much was due to the fact that people are, in the absence of a reason not to be, nice.

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