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Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, pick a dwarf

Well, it's Monday, and I'm in the mood from hell. The wedding I went to in Virginia this weekend was beautiful, but the hotel was apparently staffed by nitwits. There's little I dislike more than arriving at my hotel at 3 AM to be told there is a problem with my room. More details later - I'm too damn tired now, and I'm at work. I should also mention, however, that this is the second wedding I've been to since Daddy died, the second wedding where I was friends with the bride, and the second wedding where I had to internalize the pain of the realization that my Daddy will never see me marry, never walk me down the aisle. My wedding, well, there's no point in dwelling on it now. It's NOT like I'm in a steady, moving toward permanent within the month, healthy relationship with anyone.

Get to work early, try to call AAA to tell them about the problem, and they appear to also be staffed by nitwits this morning. Never did get to tell them what happened, because my boss pointed out it was a work phone so I had to hang up. Now. Never mind that we have multiple lines and that it was before 9 AM (yes we open at 8, but it's not like most people call before 9).

I scheduled the movers for Friday to get everything out of Grandma's apartment, and I still don't know where in hell I'm going to put everything once it makes it to my house. Just a little more stress in my life.

I doubt I'll be able to work overtime this week, even though they need me to. As is I feel like I'm about half an hour away from an ulcer.

And yes, for those who know me, I am going slightly manic, and yes, I am trying to calm myself down. And no, I can't take anything, because the only medication I take is taken once a day, at night, and supposedly helps me sleep, which means I can't take it if I will be driving (or if I need to think, which I really ought to do while I'm at work). This also means that this entire post should be read with the knowledge that I am not fully rational.

More later.

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