January 5th, 2006

soft head shot


Heaven forbid I do anything half assed. Since a bit before Christmas I've been a little sneezy. About two days ago, a nasty cough showed up. You know the kind, the one where you pull muscles because you're coughing so hard. I also added on congestion, and the inability to sleep without being propped up on THREE pillows and tucking a cough drop into my cheek. I went to work yesterday, hacking up a lung and being a bit dazed. I asked my supervisor if he was coming in today (he doesn't work on Thursdays, but works 10 hour days for the other 4 days) so I could call in dead. After listening to me bark, hack, and wheeze, he suggested "You're sick. Go home." I took him up on it and left an hour and a half early.

Fast forward to this morning (skipping a nap, then staying up too late) at 6:30 AM when my alarm went off. My throat still felt like it was closing up, for the second or third day in a row, but I figured I could at least try to get up. The congestion was so bad that it affected my balance, and I hit the wall in the hall while walking from my bedroom to the bathroom. At this point I decided that driving the 13 miles in rush hour traffic was, at the very least, ill advised. I called in sick. I got a little more sleep, then woke up to call the doctor to see if I could get an appointment.

I got my appointment. So what is the diagnosis? Bronchitis. Can I just get a simple little cold? Of COURSE not. That would be too easy, too half-assed. On the plus side, I got two prescriptions. One for antibiotics, and one beautiful cough medicine with a touch of codeine so I can actually sleep tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to think straight. Or maybe I'll have 6 foot rabbits coming in to file papers again. :)