December 31st, 2005


New Year's Eve Plans

First, thanks to the people who invited me to be somewhere other than here, at home, by myself, but by myself is what I need right now. I have dealt with so many twits in the last few weeks, and my tolerance for drunks has been reduced to zero. I do not drive on New Year's, ever, and one of the last times I took the train in to the city, I was the only sober person on the train who wasn't wearing a conductor's uniform. Note that this was the train ride IN, as in, before the New Year had even started. I outgrew situations like that quite some time ago.

Instead, I am blissfully at home. I decided that I was going to enjoy tonight with good food of a few different kinds, a good DVD, and comfy new sheets and a new mattress pad. I bought one of those memory foam mattress pads. We'll see how well it works. The sheets are 340 thread count, currently being washed for a second time with Woolite, to be softened with Vanilla and Lavender scented Downy.

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I wish everyone who reads this and their loved ones a very Happy and Healthy 2006 and beyond.
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