November 3rd, 2004

soft head shot

Quick open note to self

When wearing pants with cuffs, don't wear shoes with heels, as the latter have a tendency to get caught in the former, making me trip and fall into a door. Fortunately, I didn't fall flat on the ground on my face/knees/etc. I did, however, fall onto the open door, which, in turn, bumped the easel behind it, making quite a racket and attracting LOTS of attention. Oops. On the plus side, I'm told I'm attractive when I blush. Considering how hot my face felt, I must have been as stunning as a super model.
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soft head shot

Bush won

Is anyone who reads my LJ happy about this fact? Note that I do not ask if you think Kerry would have been better, nor do I ask if you actually LIKED any of the candidates. I just ask if anyone is happy Bush won.

EDIT: Part Two of this question is as follows: Does anyone else think Canada looks more appealing than ever?