June 30th, 2004

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Quick Update

Just a quick update, as I'm at work.

My weekend was wonderful. Took Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off work.

Took Amtrak up to Rochester Friday morning. 7:58 train. Scheduled to arrive 2:01 PM. Train was 2 hours late.

Curt picked me up from the station, and we drove up to Toronto (Canada).

Checked in to hotel (same place we stayed when we went up last year), ran out, took a cab to Second City (comedy club) for 8 PM show. Arrived at 8:30. Had food there. Show was good.

Subway back to hotel Friday night.

Saturday - woke up reasonably. Brunch at Le Papillon. Delicious crepes. Walked to Toronto's First Post Office. Wrote self birthday letter with quill pen and ink. The blotches might have dried by my next birthday. Sprinkled sand on letter to absorb excess ink, then folded and mailed to self. Wrote address with normal pen.

Next stop was Eaton Centre, Toronto's impressive mall. Flock of fiberglass Canadian Geese in flight (not moving) was pretty. Mall was, well, a mall.

Back to hotel, napped, dinner in hotel restaurant. Tasty, but overpriced.

To Ontario Place (amusement park like, most things were closed by this hour) for 10:30 PM fireworks show. International competition. China presented. Very cool. During show, saw double shooting star. Never seen one of those before. Never even saw 1 before. Neat.

Taxi back to hotel and slept.

Sunday morning - woke up, and drove to Casa Loma, a cool castle with secret panels and hidden staircases. Very impressive.

Lunch at Free Times Cafe. A "typical Jewish Sunday brunch." Maybe.

Supposed to take 4 PM Fast Ferry back to Rochester. Trip delayed until 7PM. Went shopping. Found a bunch of cool videos for cheap. Took boat with car below us. Not bad, but took longer than should have. Back to Rochester a little after 10PM, home to Curt's, bed by 11 ish.

Monday - 7:32 train, delayed until 7:46. Home to Croton train station an hour late. Popped home, changed bags, drove to PA. Saw friend there.

Tuesday - Woke up, checked out, shopped at Outlet Center, home by 3. Napped a bit, did laundry, out to Pizza Hut for dinner, home, showered, slept.

At work today by 8 (they need me by 8 today, tomorrow and Friday.)

Overall, a lot of fun. As for now, back to work. Will provide more details on any section if requested.
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