May 18th, 2003

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Wonderful Weekends

Well, it's been a pretty damn good weekend. Yesterday while I ran my Saturday morning errands in Pleasantville I discovered they were having a street fair type of thing. The Lions Club was having a raffle. $1 for 1 ticket, $5 for 6 tickets. You could put any number of your tickets in and number of the 5 prize bowls. The bowls were: 1. flowers, 2. a set of walkie talkies, 3. dinner for 2 at a local restaurant, 4. 4 Yankees tickets, and 5. a VCR. Being a bit of a gambler, I figured I'd buy 6 tickets. When they mentioned that they supported Guiding Eyes for the Blind I decided to buy 12 tickets. I realized I would never use the walkie talkies so I didn't put any tickets there. I put 2 tickets in the Yankees tickets (I figured I could use them for a gift), 2 in the dinner (I didn't know the restaurant), and 4 in each of the other two (yes I have a VCR, but again, presents can be good). I got a call yesterday afternoon. I won the flowers. The flowers were the one present that was for me and me alone. They delivered the gift certificate yesterday. $50! Cool!

Next I saw the Rotary Club raffle. There were two different raffles. One was a "$5 a ticket, $10 for 3." I bought 3 tickets. The other was skill related. For $2 you got to attempt 3 free throws (basketball and hoop, and no, not as far away as a normal foul line). 3 baskets meant you got 1 ticket for the other raffle, 4 baskets was 3 tickets, and 5 baskets was 5 tickets. OK, although my athletic inability is legendary, I figured, what the hell. Tried once and got 2 out of 5. Decided to try again and got 3. OK, 1 ticket. Yeah, whatever, I guess my odds were better than zero, although not by much.

My darling arrived at about 8 PM. There are still some .... issues, but overall it's going phenomenally well. I'm falling pretty hard. The issues need to be dealt with, but he's worth the work. We went to dinner, came home, relaxed, and went to bed. We woke up earlier than I would have liked, but again, worth it. I love spending time with him. We went out and across the river to a semi local mall for breakfast and tried to get some pictures developed (we took pictures of each other up in Albany last weekend and in my yard this morning). We did some shopping, tried to get the pictures, ended up having to take them somewhere else, then got lunch. We picked up the pictures. Good Lord I'm unphotogenic. Or I really am that unattractive. Even with MY self esteem issues I can't quite believe the pictures were my best representation. I asked him to destroy the Albany pictures. Lousy doesn't BEGIN to describe them. He told me he was keeping them because they were a memory of a great time. Personally, I would rather remember a great time without pictures than with pictures that made me cringe, but that's me. We came home, and he had to leave almost immediately thereafter. He left around 5 something.

I took a nap, and was awakened by my phone. It was the Rotary Club. Guess who won first prize? I had my choice between 2 hours of handyman services or dinner at one of two local restaurants ($50 gift certificates for each). I thought about the handyman services, after all, it was why I entered in the first place. I realized, however, that any projects I had would take a lot longer than 2 hours and I didn't want to have a prize that would end up costing me money. As for the 2 restaurants, one was the restaurant from the Lions Club. I asked about both restaurants. The one that was also in the Lions Club raffle was more expensive, as in, probably $50 PER PERSON. I decided to go for the other restaurant. I'm sure it will be good. They are mailing me my prize. Works for me.

Overall, it's been a phenomenally lucky weekend. I seem to have fallen into some kind of relationship with someone who is sweet, single, and makes me feel fantastic (not to mention he's cute), I won TWO raffles, and ... you know, that's all I need to make it a great weekend.

As for now it's time to put my laundry on another dry, take my shower and go to bed. I hope everyone starts tomorrow in as wonderful a mood as I will.
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