Deb (debkitty) wrote,

A bit of humor

My local Pennysaver has contests every other week - predict the next such and such. They have had "predict the name of the next long-lasting lipstick and include slogan," and "predict the name of the next animal translation device and provide a sample translation," among others. I entered one last week - "provide the name of the next Disney/Muppets crossover and a brief description." I figured I would subject whoever wants to read them to my submissions.

Hairy Poppins - Sweetums stars as a magical nanny for two young British
children, Jane and Michael.

Squeaky Friday - During an argument over whose job is more difficult, Kermit and
Mickey Mouse find themselves in each others bodies. Piggy is troubled by
"Kermit's" white glove treatment of her, while Pluto is troubled by "Mickey's"
new expressions.

Yumbo - the Swedish Chef stars as a misunderstood cook, mercilessly teased by
the other cooks for having "different" recipes, until his Chocolate Moose saves
a troop of Canadian Mounties, gaining the Chef fame as the cook who saved

Meeping Beauty - Dr. Bunson Honeydew, jealous of Beaker's ability to sweet talk
the ladies, casts a spell on Beaker, limiting his speech to "meeps" until he
finds a woman to love him without being able to win her with words.

Old Fellers - a lonely boy befriends two old fellers, Statler and Waldorf. They
grow to love each other until Statler dies of old age and the remaining friends
must deal with his loss.

When Crazy Harry Met Sully - Crazy Harry and Sully are best friends until they
realize their feelings for each other are not only that of friends but of life
long business partners. Crazy Harry's laughter is infectious and, combined with
Sully's jokes, results in never before seen quantities of children's
energy-producing laughter.

Gonzocchio - Every time Gonzo lies, his nose curls up more.

Piggyana - the always cheerful Miss Piggy spreads happiness to Harrington

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