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Well, it has been a fantastic week or so. I took three days off work, and ended up with a 4 day weekend, 1 day of work, and a 5 day weekend.

Last Saturday, I picked Curt up at the train station at about 5 PM. We went out to dinner with my great Aunt and Uncle. We both ate too much, but oh well.

Sunday morning, we got up at a reasonable time and went up to Mystic, CT. We stayed in a lovely inn, the Inn at Mystic. It was set up like a complex, several buildings had rooms, one building was the main building which housed the front desk, as well as other things we didn't bother to notice, and one building housed a lovely restaurant. For $150 for a Sunday night, we had a room with a queen size bed with canopy, view, in room two person jacuzzi (yes, it was wonderful, and we have never been so relaxed), and in room fireplace. We arrived around 2, and went for a short walk. Check in was at 3. We would have had a more pleasant walk but it was COLD. I hate cold. We got back to the hotel and checked in. We would have to drive around the back to get to our room, and the restaurant was close to the main building. So why does the restaurant matter? Because from 4-5 PM afternoon tea was included in the room price. Afternoon tea included an urn of ready made hot tea, an urn of water with several varieties of Twinings tea bags, HOT POPOVERS (delicious), tea sandwiches (white bread, a little turkey, a little cheese and some mayo), and an assortment of cookies and bars. We had our tea, dropped our stuff off in the room, relaxed, then went to the restaurant for dinner. I can't remember if we napped or if we went for another stroll.

We had a nice dinner, although not cheap. We got back to the room around 9 and called the front desk for someone to come light a fire in the fireplace for us. Trust me, I should NOT play with fire. I think I could burn myself with an unlit match. While the fire burned, we tried the jacuzzi. Note to self, when I win some gazillion dollar lottery, build a new bathroom that includes one of these wonderful inventions.

We got out of the "tub," dried off, and went to the bed. The fire was dying, so we put on another log. Didn't get much more fire. Then. Around 11:30 the fireplace was down to a few embers, so we closed the glass doors and went to bed. Fortunately, Curt didn't go to sleep, and noticed the flickering. The damn thing lit itself up again. Was dying while I was awake, now was damn near roaring. We again called the front desk, at midnight, this time for help in "turning the damn thing off!" They came, actually one lovely woman came wearing fireproof gloves. She tried to use the poker to beat the damn thing out (no shovel in the room), and ended up picking up two of the logs and carrying them out. Note that one was on fire on the end, and refused to go out. I can't imagine children being much more challenging - wanting to sleep when they should be awake and vice versa.

Monday morning we got up and checked out. We asked for a recommendation for brunch. The woman at the front desk suggested Kitchen Little. A cute little place. From there we went to Old Mystic Village and did some shopping, including a set of Statler and Waldorf (from the Muppets) dolls dressed as rappers.

Next was a brief stop at Mohegan Sun, which might have been more enjoyable if Curt gambled. I got $10 in nickels and won a total of $20, and $10 in quarters which netted me a big nothing. All in all, I broke even. Had dinner at the BBQ place there, then home. I dropped Curt at the train station Tuesday at 2:30, then went up to my little tea room for a lovely lunch.

I went to work Wednesday. It was wonderful. Not only was it a relatively easy day, but the supervisors of one of the sub-departments asked me in front of my boss (the head supervisor) why I came in for only one day. I told her the truth - I know we are short staffed on Wednesdays, so I needed to come in. She replied that we are short staffed every day. I agreed, but pointed out that on Wednesdays we lose one person at the counter/mail job (my job) and we also lose the woman who helps with the mail when we get backed up. Note that I took a Wednesday off for doctor's appointments a few weeks ago and got email from my boss basically saying "we're backed up in to oblivion because you took the day off, and I blame myself because I shouldn't have given you the day off, but please don't take Wednesdays off in the future." So I didn't. He actually thanked me at the end of the day for coming in.

As for why we lose them on Wednesdays, some people in the office work 8-5:45 four days a week, and have one day off each week. It is always the same day. Chris, our newest counter/mail person who has now been transferred to a completely different department, had Wednesdays off. Of course, when he gave me the day off, Chris wasn't working the counter, so it wasn't a concern. Whatever.

Thursday I drove up to Massachusetts. I stayed with my friend Yukiko and her husband Eran. Yukiko had to work that evening, so I went out to dinner at Victoria Station (a prime rib place, primarily) with my best friend Neil. I have truly inherited my father's Massachusetts sense of direction. He once turned a 10 minute drive from Wellesley to MIT into an hour and a half drive including coming back on to the Wellesley campus from the other side. We both have decent to good senses of direction anyplace ELSE, but not there. I got a little lost on my way to Neil's, again on the way to the restaurant, and AGAIN on my way back to Yukiko's from Neil's.

Friday Neil and I went to a delicious crepe place for lunch. I don't remember the timing. Friday afternoon we met up with Yukiko at a little coffeehouse near her house. Friday night was dinner at a sushi place with Neil and Yukiko. I discovered something. That itty, bitty bit of wasabi that some places insist on putting on EVERY piece of sushi was enough to render my dinner inedible. Yukiko and Neil finished what I had ordered, and I ordered another round, this time without wasabi. I am quite pleased that Yukiko is and speaks Japanese.

Saturday I spent a bunch of time at the house, then went out around 2 and met up with Neil for lunch. Yukiko joined us a little after we arrived, but she had already eaten. She didn't know that I had been waiting for her for lunch. Next stop was a tea house called Tealuxe. I had two pots of tea, 2 cups each. Delicious. I am a big tea person. Saturday night was dinner back at Victoria Station with Neil, Yukiko, and Eran.

Sunday was a late lunch with Yukiko at a restaurant called Fire and Ice. All you can eat, you pick the ingredients and any sauce you like, you bring it to the grill, and they grill it as you wait. Overall, decent. Then I met up with mangosteen for tea at Tealuxe. The tea was delicious, but the company was better. I hadn't seen him in AGES. He's a sweetie, and cuddly, too. :) Next was dinner, me, Neil, Yukiko, mangosteen and his wife, and kalimar and his wife at a restaurant called the Summer Shack. Basically fish. I had a large lobster. More expensive than I had planned, but hell, I'm on vacation.

I came home today. I still have to unpack. And shower. And sleep.

Oh, one other note. On Thursday, after Victoria Station, Neil and I went to Barnes and Noble. I bought "a" puzzle. Actually, two 500 piece puzzles, the before and after of a crime scene, all mixed in one bag. Good lord puzzles are addictive. Almost every night some section of us was up too late working on them. We didn't quite finish. I haven't opened the box yet to find out how well they traveled home. I broke what we had done into sections, picked them up with a sheet of paper, and laid them in the box, still separated by the paper. Now to find a clean, flat surface here to finish them.


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