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Well, Friday went from the lousy to the loony. Work was absolutely insane. In the afternoon I ended up spending two straight hours at the counter, on my feet, dealing with one bit of lunacy after another. We (my co-worker and I) did pretty darn well, but by the end I was ready to collapse. I'm still learning my job and not 100% comfortable, so it was a bit of pressure. I didn't snap at the customers (although when one or two asked me how I was doing, I responded "Next question"), but when things finally calmed down I needed a few minutes to collect myself.

I had the potential to go out to dinner with a "new" guy last night, but he never called to set things up, even though he said he would. Well, we shall see what happens. I didn't have much invested, so it didn't make me crazy. I did, however, call an ex-boyfriend who I'm still friends with. Apparently his life makes mine look downright sane. Frightening.

As for the reason I started yesterday in a lousy mood, I got email today. He may still be interested, at least somewhat and in something. I know some of my mood comes from self esteem problems. I'm working on them, and my self esteem overall is pretty good, but every now and then doubts creep in and whack me upside the head. I still think he's a cool person, but now I'm a little less trusting. I can trust him again, but it will take a little work on his part.

My current sort-of-sweetie acted like an ass many years ago and we lost touch. When we ran into each other years later on a train, I told him flat out that I was still hurt and he needed to work to regain my trust. He's been pretty good about it. Only messed up once in the last few years, and was bright enough to apologize quickly and well. As for sort of, the basic idea is that he's fun, he's a friend, but the relationship has no potential to grow.

So, I now have my current, my ex who I'm still friends with, my "Mr. Inflamer", and my new possibility. Maybe I shouldn't be in such a lousy mood. :)

As for yesterday's comment about being completely nuts - I am. However, running away from someone who is completely nuts takes all the fun out of life. I do hope to hear from him soon.

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