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I Hate Snow

Every muscle in my body aches. We got hit with a bunch of snow staring Friday afternon. I missed my sweetie (I hadn't seen him in about a MONTH!), so I took a cab to the train station, took the train up to Albany, met Curt there (he drove), spent the afternoon, night, and this morning in the hotel, took the train home, then took a cab home. I discovered that the friendly neighborhood snow-plow had plowed me in. The top of the driveway had snow up to my knees. Of course, I had to walk THROUGH it and down my driveway to get in. Ugh. Ugh doubled by the fact that I was carrying my bags from the trip.

I shoveled enough to be able to get out, assuming nothing freezes. Every muscle in my body aches. I'm tired. I hate snow.

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