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Random Thoughts

1. This pre-paid cell thing has its drawbacks. If I don't redeem airtime before 12/3 I will lose my number and end up with a new one. I bought an airtime card and tried to redeem it tonight. They are down for maintenance. No humans, no computer, can't redeem the damn card. If this screws up, I'll be furious. Now I have to make sure I remember to do it tomorrow.

2. I flunked Present Wrapping 101. I wrapped some of the office christmas presents this evening. On the plus side, they wont know what it is by looking at it. On the down side, neither do I. Some of them were books. Oh boy.

3. There are some people who should never be poly (read: ME). I got jealous today over someone hooking up with someone else. One I don't know, and the other I haven't got any right whatsoever to be jealous. Besides, I'm taken. Still... remind me to re-examine things when I'm more awake. Scratch that. Change to "when I'm awake."

4. I am really getting tired of friends no longer having time for me as soon as they find a boyfriend/girlfriend. One friend I ended up losing, which is a shame. He and I had been close. More about him some time later.

5. I really need sleep.

Good night all!

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