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Well, not a good start to a Friday. I'm in a lousy mood. I met someone who I really thought was a nice guy. He intrigued me, inflamed my senses, and seemed at least vaguely interested in me. He sent me email the day after we met. That was a few weeks ago. I've sent a few emails and called, but no response. I just wish he would have told me he wasn't interested, or he changed his mind, or whatever. I never was much good at taking hints. I prefer honesty. I'm still not sure he's changed his mind, but I would bet he has. A lot of people responded to one of his recent posts. He answered every response except mine. I guess I can take that hint.

It's a pity, though. He seemed like a cool person, and I think we could have had at least an interesting friendship. I know it's his loss, but it's my loss too.

With any luck, he'll read this and decide I'm completely nuts and that he was right to run away. It really is a pity, though.

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